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Job and Work Analysis Guidelines on Identifying Jobs for Persons With Disabilities


Heron, Robert


International Labour Organization (ILO); Internationale Arbeitsorganisation (ILO)


Genf: ILO Publications, 2006, 47 Seiten: PDF, ISBN: 92-2-117864-1




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As people with disabilities enter in greater numbers into competitive employment, it has become clear that they can be excellent employees, an asset to their employers, if they work in jobs matched to their skills, abilities and interests. Many employers of disabled persons are testifying to this all round the world.

Other employers are willing to recruit disabled workers, but need support in this, as they may be unsure of what jobs to offer. Job and work analysis can be useful in identifying suitable jobs within the enterprise, and adjustments and accommodations which may need to be carried out, and in making it easier to match the skills and abilities of the disabled job seeker with the requirements of the job.

These guidelines on Job and Work Analysis arise from requests to the ILO in the course of its activities to promote employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. They are intended for employment services and service providers seeking to develop their capacity to promote the recruitment of persons with disabilities and the retention of workers who acquire a disability. They form part of a series of ILO tools on placement services for disabled job seekers: the ILO guide for job placement personnel Assisting Disabled Persons in Finding Employment, the ILO Resource Book for trainers of placement officers, and the guide for policy makers and employment service managers Placement of Job Seekers with Disabilities -Elements of an Effective Service. Their translation into national languages is encouraged. Comments and suggestions for their improvement are welcomed.

The guidelines were prepared by Robert Heron, former Senior Labour Administration Specialist, ILO Bangkok, in collaboration with Barbara Murray, ILO Skills and Employability Department, Geneva. This work was supported by the late Pekka Aro, former Director of the ILO Skills Department, who placed great emphasis on the ILO's role in promoting equal employment opportunities for persons with disabilities through its research, advocacy and service activities. It is hoped that they will be widely used in improving the employment prospects of persons with disabilities around the world.


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