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Titel der Veröffentlichung: The ICF as a framework for national data: The introduction of ICF into Australian data dictionaries

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Madden, Ros; Choi, Ching; Sykes, Catherine


k. A.


Disability and Rehabilitation, 2003, Volume 25 (Issue 11/12), Seite 676-682, London: Informa Healthcare, ISSN: 0963-8288 (Print); 1464-5165 (Online)



Der Text ist von:
Madden, Ros; Choi, Ching; Sykes, Catherine

Der Text steht in der Zeitschrift:
Disability and Rehabilitation, Volume 25 (Issue 11/12), Seite 676-682

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Disability and Rehabilitation

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Disability and Rehabilitation

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The ICF as a framework for national data: The introduction of ICF into Australian data dictionaries

A country's data may influence and inform its policy and services, if suitably designed. This paper describes how two related and interacting activities work on disability concepts and classification as well as the preparation of national data dictionaries--have been carried out in Australia, with this purpose.

Three key ingredients were combined. A broadly based advisory group was established to ensure the use of disability concepts that are meaningful not only to policy makers but also to the Australian community. This group advised on two 'twin' activities: participation in the revision of the key international classification for disability, and specification of data elements for a national data dictionary according to international standards.

National data elements were developed, based on the Beta-2 draft ICIDH-2, and accepted for use in Australian national data dictionaries on a trial basis.

The purpose and process have been accepted as valuable, and there is interested anticipation of new Australian standard data elements based on the ICF.



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