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Titel der Veröffentlichung: Disability, Human Rights And Education

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Disability Human Rights and Society


k. A.


Armstrong, Felicity; Barton, Len


Maidenhead, Berkshire: Open University Press, 1999, 237 Seiten: Soft back, ISBN: 0-335-20457-0



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Armstrong, Felicity; Barton, Len

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Open University Press

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Open University Press

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Open University Press

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Disability, Human Rights And Education

This book recognizes the importance of an informed cross-cultural understanding of the policies and practices of different societies within the field of disability, human rights and education. It represents an attempt to critically engage with issues arising from the historical and contemporary domination of portrayals of the western as advanced, democratic and exemplary, in contrast to the construction of the rest of the world as backward, primitive and inferior in these fundamental areas. How human rights are understood in different contexts is a key theme in this book. Importantly, some contributors raise questions about the value of a ' human rights' model across all societies. Other contributors see the struggle for human rights as at the heart of the struggle for an inclusive society. The implications for education arising from this debate are identified, and a series of questions are raised by each author for further reflection and discussion as well as providing a stimulus for developing future research. Disability, Human Rights and Education is recommended reading for students and researchers interested in Disability Studies, inclusive education and social policy. It is also directly relevant to professionals and policy makers in the field seeking a greater understanding of cross-cultural perspectives. Contents: - Series editor's preface - Introduction - Disabled people's quest for social justice in Zimbabwe - Human rights and the struggle for inclusive education in Trinidad and Tobago - Headlights on full beam disability and education in Hong Kong - Human rights and inclusive education in China - A Western perspective - Rights and disabilities in educational provisions in Pakistan and Bangladesh roots, rhetoric, reality - Inclusive education - A piece in the equality puzzle - Disability, human rights and education the United States - Special education and human rights in Australia - How do we know about disablement, and what does it mean for educators? - Educational opportunities and polysemic notions of equality in France - Experience-near perspectives on disabled people's rights - Equality and full participation for all? - School practices and special education/integration - Disability, human rights and education in Cyprus - Disability, human rights and education in Romania - Disability, human rights and education in England Conclusion - Index



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